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* Information on [[Meeting Invites]]
* Information on [[Meeting Invites]]
* [http://araman.mbgnet/nagios/ System Status] MBGNet LAN access only.
* [http://araman.mbgnet/nagios/ System Status] MBGNet LAN access only.
* [[Traffic on I95]]

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This wiki hosts general, public information about the Gerstein Lab. Lab members should consult the private lab wiki for lab-specific information (login as user "public"). There's also a wiki for lab meetings (login as user "private"). To edit this wiki, contact the Infoadmin


Important Public Items

(not on the homepage yet, but will be soon)

Software and tools

  • RSEQtools: a computational suite for the analysis of RNA-Seq data including a compact and "privacy-aware" data format.
  • FusionSeq: a computational framework to identify fusion transcripts from paired-end RNA-Seq data.
  • ACT Tool: for aggregation and correlation analyses of genomic signal tracks
  • PeakSeq: a computational tool for analyzing ChIP-Seq data
  • Cbb752b11: CBB 752b in 2011

Info for New People

Info for Lab Members and Collaborators

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