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  • Just use straight text (no greek, etc), avoid complex equations.
  • Use Times and Ariel fonts.
  • Use word '04 format (.doc) file -- not Word '08 (.docx) or open office -- or paste into Google doc.
  • Put all the figures at the end in separate file, with a brief caption.
  • For references, don't use endnote. For in text citations put them in this format:
 The secret to life was recently found (Jones et al. 2009), it was in a bottle.... 
  • Use JCB format for the reference list [1], viz:

- Two authors:

Foster, E.R., and J.A. Downs. 2009. 
Methylation of H3K4 and K79 is not strictly dependent on H2B K123 
acetylation. J. Cell Biol. 184:631–638.

- More than two authors:

Eastman, S.W., M. Yassaeem, and P.D. Bieniasz. 2009. 
A role for ubiquitin ligase and Spartin/SPG20 in lipid droplet turnover. 
J. Cell Biol. 184: 909–921.
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