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(This page contains sundry public documents related to the Gerstein Lab. See to upload documents)

grant text.docx CIDC grant text uploaded by JW on 11 May '17

Five Main Gerstein Lab Scientific Contributions uploaded by MRS 7 March '16

Lab Cancer Research Summary 2015 uploaded by LL on 18 February '16

Personal Genome Analyses uploaded by JR on 16 February '16

Lab_Overview uploaded by XL on 5 February '16

Gerstein Lab Experience in Predicting Allosteric Hotspots uploaded by DC on 3 December '15

1kg fun studies updated by JC on 9 June '15

Slide of US Programs in Bioinformatics uploaded by JAS on 11Nov 2014

Gerstein Lab at YINS uploaded by KKY on 12 March '14

Summary of 1KG papers uploaded by csds on 15 March '11

People in the Lab & Room Space as of 31-Dec-2010 uploaded by mbg on 14 January '11

Exhibit slides for Kline Science Library (uploaded by CS on 17 Mar '10)

Article on "Evolving Definition of a Gene" (refers to Gerstein Lab & various ENCODE folks)

People-in-GersteinLab-at-end-of-2009.xls uploaded by MG on 27 March '10

M Gerstein Full CV as of 26 Apr. uploaded by MG on 26 April '10

Analysis of Lab Publications

Illustrator File of Cover Art for Genome Research article on "metamembrane" uploaded by mbg on 24 June '10

Prof. Reinhart's lecture slides for CBB 752 Spring 2012 uploaded by LL on 13 February '12

research-report-2009-v2-mg30May (2009 Research Summary) uploaded by MG on 31 May '10

Here is a data file of all uploaded things.

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