Proof Stage Checklist

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  • Corresponding author
  • Tools & Resources
    • Software from the paper is perhaps listed on the lab tools page ( & in the lab github (
    • Make sure there exists a minimal and maximally durable distribution of code and key data as a simple tarball
    • Make sure you have a final URL for website/github materials from above and enter it into the papers page
    • Make sure you use long-term email addresses for software contacts and a link to the lab FAQ
  • PMC & reprints
    • remember to add funding acknowledgments with precise grant number, so paper goes into PMC
    • make sure journal publishes in PubMed Central (send email to editor to confirm this)
    • discuss with the Mark the grant for the page/reprint charges (not necessarily the same as the PMC)
    • Do a preprint as a public lab doc or a biorxiv submission if your paper won't go into PMC
      • Link this from the papers page
  • Tweet
    • Write a ~115 char tweet on the paper for Mark, including bits of the title and your twitter handle/name; you can include an image too.
    • Some recent examples:
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