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  • MG affiliation and Corresponding author
  • Funding
    • remember to add funding acknowledgments with precise grant number, so paper goes into PMC (see below)
      • This needs to be updated on the papers page entry (see below) and can be done as soon as there is a bioxriv.
    • Discuss with MG the grant for the page/reprint charges (not necessarily the same as the PMC)
  • Papers Page (
    • Get a lab ID for the paper from Mark (eg lab "ID=cmptxn"). Occasionally, we can use the pubmed ID here, but normally this is the ID that has been used internally during the project pre-publication.
    • Do a papers page rebuild, requires lab ID & website from above + (hopefully) the PubMed ID - ie
    • co-first and co-corresponding authors can be indicated with the footnote field
    • Use the link field to directly link the journal site (particularly if there is no pubmed)
  • Tools & Resources
    • Software from the paper should be listed on the lab tools page ( & in the lab github (
    • Make sure there exists a minimal and maximally durable distribution of code and key data as a simple tarball
    • Make sure you have a final URL for website/github materials from above and enter it into the papers page
    • Make sure you use long-term email addresses for software contacts and a link to the lab FAQ
    • Make sure you have proper, long-term links for all files (, no dropbox or personal homepage links)
    • You can use the "website" field on the papers page to link your github site.
  • PMC & preprints
    • make sure journal publishes in PubMed Central (send email to editor to confirm this)
    • Do a biorxiv submission (or another equiv. preprint server)
    • use pi at for bioxriv submission
      • Link this from the papers page
      • Update bioRxiv preprint when the paper is published (wait 2-3 weeks before contacting bioRxiv - bioRxiv should automatically link it ).
  • Tweet
    • Tweet a ~200 char tweet on the paper and mention MG (@MarkGerstein), including bits of the title; you can include an image too. He will retweet.
    • You can use the lab twitter (@GersteinLab)
    • Some recent examples:
  • Wikipedia
    • Try to link your paper to a relevant article on Wikipedia and edit that entry as appropriate
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