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(This page contains sundry public documents related to the Gerstein Lab. See to upload documents)

Here is a data file of all uploaded things.

Exhibit slides for Kline Science Library (uploaded by CS on 17 Mar '10)

Article on "Evolving Definition of a Gene" (refers to Gerstein Lab & various ENCODE folks)

People-in-GersteinLab-at-end-of-2009.xls uploaded by MG on 27 March '10

CEGS '08-'09 Informatics Progress Report uploaded by mg on 16 April '10

Encode2 pseudogenes progress report for year 3 uploaded by YHL on 20 April '10

M Gerstein Full CV as of 26 Apr. uploaded by MG on 26 April '10

Analysis of Lab Publications

nih-CEGS-progress-report-2010Q1Q2-informatics uploaded by MG on 22 May '10

EXCERPTS-FROM--nih-CEGS-progress-report-14apr10mg uploaded by MG on 22 May '10

research-report-2009-v2-mg30May (2009 Research Summary) uploaded by MG on 31 May '10

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