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In relation to the old course web pages, someone asked :

> For example, you mentioned that final
> projects from previous years had been uploaded. Where can I find those?
> Where can I find quizzes/answer keys from previous years?

This is admittedly a bit opaque, but it's there! For instance, follow these clickstreams...

1 http://www.gersteinlab.org/courses/452/
2 http://info.gersteinlab.org/Cbb752b12
3 http://www.gersteinlab.org/courses/452/10-spring/previous.html
THEN for a final project try
4a  http://www.gersteinlab.org/courses/452/05-spr/bioinfo.html
5a  http://www.gersteinlab.org/courses/452/05-spr/finals/
OR try for another final project page
4b  http://www.gersteinlab.org/courses/452/06-fall/
5b  http://www.gersteinlab.org/courses/452/06-fall/project_report.html
OR try for a quiz page
4c  http://www.gersteinlab.org/courses/452/09-spring/
5c  http://www.gersteinlab.org/courses/452/09-spring/outline.html
6c  http://www.gersteinlab.org/courses/452/09-spring/pdf/Quiz1Key.pdf
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