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Ennor is Gerstein Lab's OpenStack platform, with dedicated computational resources and software for launching cloud instances. Ennor is intended to be used for developing and prototyping Docker images. Docker images so-developed can then be installed on a fleet of Amazon instances for large, fast computes, or can be distributed alongside a paper to support reproducible research and tool ease of use.

How to use:

  • ==1. Contact Mihali Felipe, System Administrator to get access to OpenStack.
  • ==2. Launch an OpenStack instance from http://ennor.mbg.mbb.yale.internal/dashboard/project/instances/
  • Click on "Access & Security"
  • Click on "Import Key Pair"
  • Under Key-Pair name, write anything
  • Under Public Key, copy and paste the contents of the public key you use to ssh into HPC. On my computer this is stored in this file: ~/.ssh/
  • Click on "Instances"
  • Click on "Project"
  • Select "Gerstein Lab Beta" (might be updated later)
  • Click "Launch Instance"
  • Type in some Instance Name, recommend something with your initials in it
  • Under "Source", click on "Select Boot Source" and select "Image"
  • Increase Volume Size to > 12 GB
  • Add an image such as CentOS-7-x86_64-GenericCloud-1711
  • Under "Flavor" add desired hardware capabilities like "mbglab-m1.medium"
  • Under "Security Groups" remove "Default" and add "Gerstein Lab Std Web SSH"
  • Click "Launch Instance"
  • ==4. Configure your environment and install necessary software
  • ==5. Develop Docker image
  • ==6. Load Docker image on Amazon
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