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This is a summary of procedures for new people entering the laboratory. Current people might want to keep these in mind and help out new people with these.

  • REGISTER New people need to register at the MBB business office -- e.g. so they get paid! Get your Yale Netid.
  • DESK & KEYS Coordinate with Lori Iannicelli to get a desk and have access to the building and rooms.
  • COMPUTER We are a computing lab and you would generally need a computer to be productive. Contact JL (Jason Liu) to request a laptop or desktop.
  • WIRELESS & PRINTING Please contact MF to get into MBGMesh.
  • YCRC/HPC To get an account in the Yale clusters (YCRC/HPC), fill and submit the following form.
  • eRA commons ID New people need to apply for an eRA commons ID.
  • MEETING When you have the account that can access the private web page, you should be able to log in and see this 'cryptical' meeting information


For the people page part, use this link to update your information. And you need to contact JG(Jiahao Gao) to make sure all your information is correct on the roster (incl. cell phone number)

Please notice that:
[1] New people will fill the form through the link and then JG will edit the final google sheet.
[2] If you have initials you have all, but if you don't have initials and you just on the all list & dropbox, please add listed on the people page. 
The summary of the current state of email addresses is at: http://accounts.gersteinlab.org/summary/group_all.diff.txt
(Username public & public password)
After this your names will appear on people page http://www.gersteinlab.org/people/
[3] For further questions or if you want to update your information, please contact JG.
    • Please check your email frequently New people should check their emails (from ALL@GERSTEINLAB.ORG) for P1-all, gpmtg, and jclub announcements.
    • Meeting abbreviation and participants
P1 - orientation with everyone
P2 - subgroups for presentations such as related to Human Genome Annotation (ENCODE)
indiv - individual or small group meetings 
gpmtg - Group meeting where all attend for the presentation of lab research
jclub - Journal Club for the presentation of research outside of the lab
If you are taking classes, you need to put the schedule for your classes in the groups calendar. To do so, first go to http://partnerpage.google.com/gersteinlab.org and login. 
You will need to use your @gersteinlab.org account to do so. You will also have to get a member of the lab to share the calendar with you and you would need to add the URL of the 
calendar explicitly:
i.e. http://www.google.com/calendar/ical/gersteinlab.org_250u3al9jepssp14pk039tsnlg%40group.calendar.google.com/public/basic.ics  
This will allow you to view/edit it. After logging in, simply go to the calendar and add an event with the class for all the times and days in which it happens.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA Join our lab on social media. This list is in order of priority (and in reverse order of entertainment).
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