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Supplemental Data Related to:

Mu et al. "Analysis of genomic variation in non-coding elements using population-scale sequencing data from the 1000 Genomes Project," NAR (2011)

Specifications for TF-binding sites and DNase sites files downloaded from the UCSC genome browser

TF motif	track			group		cell line			link
DNase		Open Chromatin		Regulation	GM12878				wgEncodeDukeDNaseSeqPeaksGm12878V3
CTCF		Open Chromatin		Regulation	GM12878				wgEncodeUtaChIPseqPeaksGm12878CtcfV3
STAT1		Yale TFBS		Regulation	Hela-S3 (IFNr 30min)		wgEncodeYaleChIPseqPeaksHelas3ifngStat1
NFkB		Yale TFBS		Regulation	GM12878				wgEncodeYaleChIPseqPeaksGm12878NfkbTnfa
c-Myc		Yale TFBS		Regulation	K562				wgEncodeYaleChIPseqPeaksK562CmycV2
c-Fos		Yale TFBS		Regulation	K562				wgEncodeYaleChIPseqPeaksK562CfosV2
c-Jun		Yale TFBS		Regulation	K562				wgEncodeYaleChIPseqPeaksK562CjunV2
JunD		Yale TFBS		Regulation	K562				wgEncodeYaleChIPseqPeaksK562JundV2
PolII		Yale TFBS		Regulation	GM12878				wgEncodeYaleChIPseqPeaksGm12878Pol2V2
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