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PI Contact Address

Mark Gerstein (

Admin Assistant

Lori Iannicelli
266 Whitney Ave, Bass 432, New Haven, CT 06520
adminasst at

Main Room Numbers

  • Bass 426: 203 432 8972
  • Bass 428: 203 432 5065
  • Bass 434: 203 436 4442
  • Bass 437: 203 432 5405
  • SCL 104: Mihali Felipe (sysadm): 203 432 8771 (Emergencies only: 203 623-8873)
  • SCL 107
  • SCL 108

Other Useful Numbers

  • Bass 432 : (Lori Iannicelli): 203 432 8189
  • Bass 432A (Mark Gerstein): 203 432 6105
  • Bass 424: conference room on Bass 4th floor
  • Bass 425: 203 432 5599
  • 300 George St office: 203 737 4848

Laboratory Floor Plans & Room Instructions

Directions and Maps

We're mostly located in the fourth floor of the Bass Building, but also have some outposts in AKW. The Bass Center is located at 266 Whitney Avenue. It faces the Biology department in Klein Tower. Click here for an interactive satellite image of the Science Hill area from Google maps. Follow the link for a interactive campus map and information for the Bass Center from buildings & grounds.

Access to Bass During Gibbs Demolition and Subsequent Construction (Dec '16 to TBD): Please see following link for specific entrances/exits to be used during construction: Area Access & Pedestrian Impact. One nice way to get to us is to go in via the chemistry main entrance at 225 Prospect & then go up one flight. Go past the labs and take the first right and then the first left. A few steps further and you will be pleasantly surprised to find the sky-bridge to Bass on your right. Take aforementioned sky-bridge directly on to the 4th floor of Bass where all the group offices are located. For those dependent on visual cues to get through life, see highlighted route: Access to Bass through SCL

General Directions to Yale University are posted on the University webserver. These include a detailed University map locating the Bass building in the Science Hill area. Directions locating the Bass building on Science Hill is available here. (Some of these maps are locally mirrored; in particular, a relief map of Connecticut and a map of the towns in the New Haven area).

For walkers, note we're : 29' from the center of the Medical School at 300 Cedar St., 23' from 300 George St., 9' from food area at Whitney & Audubon (e.g. Gourmet Heaven & Koffee), and 7' from Orange & Pearl Streets (location of Cafe Romeo).


Metro-North and Amtrak service to New Haven (Taxis available at station.)

Driving and Parking

From Boston

  1. Take Mass Pike to Interstate 84.
  2. Take Interstate 84 South to Hartford.
  3. Take Interstate 91 South to New Haven.
  4. Take Exit 3 off of Interstate 91.
  5. Turn right at the stoplight at the end of the exit ramp onto Orange Street.
  6. Turn left onto Humphrey Street at next stoplight.
  7. Proceed through the next stoplight into the parking lot (Lot 16).

From New York

  1. Take Interstate 95 North to Interstate 91 at New Haven
  2. Take exit 3 off Interstate 91.
  3. Turn right at the stoplight at the end of the exit ramp onto Orange Street.
  4. Turn left onto Humphrey Street at next stoplight.
  5. Proceed through the next stoplight into the parking lot (Lot 16).

(Before getting on 95, it's nice to take the Merritt. You might want to follow this route.)


There is a parking lot on Edwards St available for visitors. Parking "lot 29" is called Pierson-Sage Garage. A code is required to enter.

Please contact your host or "Lori" for the possibility of getting a code. You must exit the same way you entered.

NOTE: There is also free open-surface parking after 4PM which remains open until 7AM. The lots are located on 260-266 Whitney Avenue, anywhere you seen an open gate.


Mark has an office at YCMI: 300 George Street, Room 522; (203) 737-6029 (main YCMI line)

Other Stuff

Yahoo: Nearby Restaurants, Map of Bass Area, Colony Inn (nearby hotel), Taxi services.

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