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This system is used to control two TVs in BASS 434 using your voice. If can also used as remote to control Apple TV.

The remote can be found on the iPad pro mount in BASS434

What you need is to press the circular button on top of the remote and say the command when blue light on.

The Extron control system connects to HDMI 1 input of both TVs and zoom rooms on big screen are on the HDMI2 input.

  • You can turn on/off the two TVs by saying: "Turn on/off TV"
  • to use Zoomroom TV screen,firstly turn on the TV and then presse the button and say: "Turn on computer"
  • to go back to Extron system from Zoomroom, press the button and say: "Turn on Apple TV"


Harmony express is so far the best All-in-one voice-enabled IR controller, but it still have some limitations:

  • It actually can only control one TV. In 434, it can control both TVs because two TVs are from the same brands and use the same IR protocol/codes.
  • Turn on "computer" and "apple tv" is not changeable now because the limitations. Just remember 'computer' correspond to Zoom room Mac mini client and "Apple TV" correspond to Extron system (it maybe shows the Mac mini screen if you have switched to Mac from the touch screen controller)
  • It takes a few second to wait for the response from the TV when you say a command.PLEASE BE PATIENT
  • If the command works wired because of some unknown reason, just say again. or check whether the TV has turned on. I recommend you to firstly turn on TV because TV need a relative long time to turn on. Also the Extron system can also turn on TV using different protocol. Sometimes, it has conflicts with IR remotes.

Let me know (SKL) if you have questions.

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