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Steps to complete IDP report

 If you plan to continue as a postdoc for another year, you will first need to complete theAnnual IDP Report form and share it with your faculty mentor.

1. Visit to download a copy of the form and to view useful information about Individual Development Plans.

2. Complete the form

3. Email the completed form to Mark for approval. (If necessary arrange a meeting with Mark to discuss the report)

4. Mark will sign (or authorize a signature) the form

5. Print the form and sign it

6. Scan the fully signed form into a pdf or word document

7. Change the filename to Lname_Fname_IDP.pdf (or Lname_Fname_IDP.docx if you are using the Word version)

8. Email the form as an attachment to  (This is a very weird email address, but it is auto-generated by Yale’s Box online storage system.) No email message is necessary. The form will load directly into the filing system.

Please submit your Annual IDP Report at least three weeks prior to your appointment to avoid delays in processing your reappointment. 

Notes: If you already submitted this document recently, you do not need to resubmit it.  If you are being promoted to Associate Research Scientist, you do not need to submit an IDP report.

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