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Room & Facility Instructions

  • Usage of Bass 434
    • AV system
      • 1. Press the screen to begin.
      • 2. Select your room mode as “Combined Mode” or “Individual Mode”. (If you select “Combined Mode”, both screens will be turned on, and if you select “Individual Mode”, you can further specify which screen you would like to turn on (70” or 90”).
      • 3. Select the connection mode from “PC”, “HDMI”, “VGA”, “DP”, and “Apple TV”.
        • a. For the “PC”, “HDMI”, “VGA”, and “DP” mode, please make sure the computer is powered on and not asleep if you do not see an image on the display.
        • b. For the “Apple TV” mode, first choose Wi-Fi Network as “yale wireless”, and then choose the Apple TV “Bass 434”. Next, enter the code appearing on the screen to your laptop, and finally you can successfully connect the laptop to the screen.
      • 4. You can adjust the volume of speaker as well through three buttons at the left-bottom of the screen.
      • 5. You can switch the screen for display or change the “Room Mode” by choosing the “setting” button at the right-bottom of the screen.
      • 6. When you finish using the AV system, push the red button at the right-bottom corner on the screen and shut the AV down.
    • Phone
      • The room's number is 203-436-4442
    • Whiteboard & markers
      • 1. Please use the thick markers only, for easily erasing by the whiteboard eraser.
      • 2. If other kinds of markers are misused and make the eraser hard to work out, try to use the alcohol spray.
    • Desk and chair
      • All desks in room 434 are foldable; you can arrange them accordingly based on the situation.
  • HP Digital Sender in Bass 432
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