Step-by-step guide to learning about the lab for prospective postdocs

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Here, we'd like to provide a step-by-step guide for a prospective post doc to learn about research in the lab and whether it would be a suitable place to work.

Step 1:

An overview of the lab's work can be seen here. There are also a number of other detailed overviews about our research, including explicit references to publications, which will provide a sense of the evolution of the lab.

Step 2:

View our papers from with the most recent papers being located toward the top. The "papers page" can also be used to browse by particular subject, for instance various subjects related to pseudogenes or networks. There are also various groups of our best papers.

Step 3:

If you are new to the field of labs you might want to first look at some reviews or explicit subject headings that provide an introduction to the lab and in particular Intro for those with a CS focus. In relation to this popular press accounts of some of the labs recent work can be accessed, which are fairly easy to read.

Step 4:

After one gains a sense of the labs research as well as some of its publications one might be interested in finding out more about the people currently in the lab as well as some of our past alumni. By accessing the People page with an explicit Alumni section one can acquire a sense of the background of the people here and what they have published. A snapshot summary shows where many of the people from the lab ended up. One of the things we are most proud of in the lab is how >20 post docs have been placed into faculty positions with many others steered into valuable industry jobs. A post in Science Careers discussed type of collaborative environment in the lab.

Step 5:

After you get a sense of us and your interest has been piqued email Mark, the lab director, to apply.

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