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Introduction and guidelines: All papers are defined by a unique "labid" such as "pgenes-nar" or "genome-transposon-nature". Ideally, the labid should contain the abbreviated subject and journal name as shown. To add a paper, you simply need to go to MBGLab--Papers-Master (Link above) , then fill in the corresponding columns. If you also want to add a new subject area, go to Papers-Subjects (Link above). After finishing adding new papers, go to private wiki and find the rebuild link (under Papers / Manuscripts ), then click it.

Here is a list of the tags and their meanings:

  • Papers Master
<Labid> - id by which to refer to the article
<PMID> - PubMed id
<Title> - title of the article (If pubmed id exists, leave blank)
<Citation> - citation of the article (author, journal, year, etc) (If pubmed id exists, leave blank)
<preprint> - URL of the preprint file
<subjects> - specifies the grant(s) funding the paper (e.g. "cegs,keck") (refer to Papers Subjects)
<website> - supplemental website
<Year> - published year of an article (must fill in)
<footnote> - footnote of this article
<website2> - second supplemental website
  • Papers Subject
<Category> - classification of research areas
<LabID> -name of grants
<Title> - brief description of grants
<Website> - website of research grants
<Html> - content appears on webpage

The tags under Papers Master can conceptually be divided into two groups: ones such as PMID and labitle, which serve to identify the paper, and tags such as website and subject which supply supplemental information about the paper. There are two ways to identify a paper (in order of decreasing precedence):

  1. PMID
  2. Title, Citation

You should always include the PMID if a paper is known to be listed in PubMed. Option 2 should be used for papers that are in press.

The other group of tags supplies additional information about the paper specified by the first group of tags. All of these tags are optional, however used of <subjects> and <preprint> is strongly encouraged. (Please consult Mark for guidelines on citing grants.)

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