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This is the page gives an overview of the Yale contribution to Dec. '18 PsychENCODE rollout. (This is a "private page" to those who have the link.)


PsychENCODE introduction

Capstone papers from Yale

Other main Yale papers

Listing of all the Papers in Science

1. Li et al, aat7615, Integrative Functional Genomic Analysis of Human Brain Development and Neuropsychiatric Risk. This is one of the 3 capstone papers. Topic: It’s the only one that talks about all main topics of the consortium: development, adult and disorders. Also the intro is broad and serves as a good intro to the whole consortium.

2. Gandal et al, aat8127, Transcriptome-wide isoform-level dysregulation in ASD, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder This is one of the 3 capstone papers. Topic: Disease brains.

3. Wang et al, aat8464, Comprehensive functional genomic resource and integrative model for the human brain. This is one of the 3 capstone papers. Topic: Integrated analysis of all data from adult brains.

4. Zhu et al, aat8077, Spatiotemporal transcriptomic divergence across human and macaque brain development. Topic: This paper on the evolution of human brain development (human vs macaque comparison) and the data is extensively used by Amiri aat6720.

5. Amiri et al, aat6720, Transcriptome and epigenome landscape of human cortical development modeled in brain organoids. Topic: Human brain development in vitro, evolutionary comparisons and relevance to developmental diseases.

6. Rajarajan et al, aat4311, Neuron-specific Signatures in the Chromosomal Connectome Associated with Schizophrenia Risk. Topic: New schizophrenia and in vitro development data as well as integrated analyses including data from the 3 capstone papers.

7. An et al, aat6576, Genome-wide de novo risk score implicates promoter variation in autism spectrum disorder. Topic: Autism WGS data and integrated analysis with mainly data from Li aat7615 and Wang aat8464.

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