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Other Writings (book chapters, popular articles, Op-Eds, miscellaneous)

  • C Chothia & M Gerstein. (1992). "Protein Design for Domain Closure," in Muscle as a Machine: Energy Transduction in the Contractile System. (ed. M Morales), 149-153 (NIH, Bethesda, MD).
  • M Gerstein. (1994). "Benefits of the Internet," in 51 Reasons: How we use the Internet and What it says about the information superhighway. (ed. M Stone-Martin & L Breeden, Lexington, MA, Federation of American Research Networks).
  • M Gerstein (1995). "A Protein Motions Database," Protein Data Bank Quarterly Newsletter 73: 2 (July 1995).

Letters to the Editor (in the Popular Press)

  • M Gerstein (2008). "23andMashup", Wired (issue 16.02, Feb., pg. 17)
  • D Greenbaum & M Gerstein (2009). "Can't run from DNA", New Scientist (issue 2727, 23 Sept., pgs. 28-29)

Recorded Panel Discussions & Interviews

  • "Whose DNA is it?", a panel discussion on Personal Genomics, on the Agenda with Steve Paikin, as part of the Quantum to Cosmos Festival (Q2C) in Waterloo, ON, 21 Oct. 2009

Patent Applications



  • A Drawid, M Gerstein. "A Method for Predicting Subcellular Localization of Proteins using a Bayesian System that Integrates Expression Data with Sequence Patterns."
  • M Kimber, M Gerstein, C Arrowsmith, A Edwards. "Protein Data Analysis". PCT/US01//30311 filed on 27 Sept. 2001 A edwards, C Arrowsmith, M Kimber, M Gerstein US Patent 09/965564

Mentions in Press

A Listing of various mentions of Gerstein Lab research in the press


All of this is in addition to main scientific papers at http://papers.gersteinlab.org and lectures at http://lectures.gersteinlab.org .

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