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Currently, these are the resources from the Lab that utilize Google Docs API for archiving and maintenance.

1) People's Page

  • uses a single Google Spreadsheet to keep a record of current and past Lab members.
  • uses a Python script to grab the Google Spreadsheet information onto a HTML for web display. Provides a printer-friendly version too.
  • Codes and documentation on how to do this will be available soon.

2) Papers' Page

  • the Gersteinlab publishes a gargantuan amount of papers.
  • this uses Google Spreadsheet to keep a record of all the papers being published by the Gersteinlab.
  • a sanitized code and some documentation of how this can be done is found here.

3) Lectures' Page

  • scientific seminars and lectures given by people in the Gersteinlab are consolidated here.
  • this uses similar idea and layout as the Papers' Page.

Acknowledgement: Please acknowledge "Gersteinlab@Yale" if you have used this in your own work. Greatly appreciate this. Thanks!

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