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In the publication list, if M Gerstein is not a last or first author, he is not considered to be a "corresponding" or "senior" author except as noted by the asterisks (*) in the list below:

Sudmant… 1000 Genomes Project, Mills*, Gerstein*, Bashir*, Stegle*, Devine*, Lee*, Eichler*, Korbel* (2015). Nature 492: 438-42

Abyzov... Urban*, Gerstein*, Vaccarino* (2012) Nature 492: 438-42

Gianoulis... Gerstein*, Strobel* (2012). PLoS Genet 8: e1002558.

MacArthur... 1000 Genomes Project... Gerstein*, Tyler-Smith* (2012). Science 335: 823.

Mills... Eichler*, Gerstein*, Hurles*, Lee*, McCarroll*, Korbel*, 1000 Genomes Project (2011). Nature 470: 59.

Bertone... Gerstein*, Snyder* (2004). Science 306: 2242.

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