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* "Publicize it"
* "Publicize it"
** Put the files in []
** Put the files in []
** Instructions on how to do it are in []]
** Instructions on how to do it are in []
* "Slack"
* "Slack"

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We have an ever-changing terminology in this lab. Refer to this glossary if you have any questions.

  • "The Dropbox" - this may mean:
    • the Gersteinlab-meeting-sync Dropbox share, which is the day's temporary repository
    •, which is the ultimate destination of files in the Gersteinlab-meeting-sync Dropbox share
    • the labdropbox Google drive, which is the mirror of meetings. This is mainly for MG's use.
  • "Group Meeting"
    • Presentation of lab member or lab group research or topic of interest. Typically weekly. Everyone should attend.
    • Historically, this was the P1 meeting but has become its own meeting.
  • "I days"
    • Stands for Interactive days. You should physically hang around in the lab.
  • "Journal Cub"
    • Presentation of a paper. Typically weekly.
  • "Meetings"
    • another word for
  • "P1"
    • The weekly meeting about the week's meetings. The "meta meeting." Everyone should attend.
  • "Sprint"
    • The newly evolving name of P1.
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