General Information for New Undergraduates

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A bit of a five-step plan:

1 * Look at past and present undergrads

(These have included STARs students and perspectives in science students.)

2 * Next, glance at their papers

Here are some examples, first author papers by lab undergrads. who spent quite a bit of time in the lab:

  1. (A very physical paper done by a senior undergrad. who worked in the lab in a 5th year.)
  2. (A fairly genomic paper done by BS/MS MB&B student)
  3. (A computational tool done by a CS undergrad. in his last year.)

3 * Drill into some very easy to read papers

in particular,

  1. simulations:
  2. genomics:
  3. proteomics:

4 * Then if you're interested, you might want to talk to current senior students and postdocs in the lab, who could potentially be mentors for a initial project

These often can be listed by their initials -- e.g. JR = Joel Rozowsky or CC = Chao Cheng.

Might want to contact these people with a CC back to Mark.

5 * Finally, write back to Mark with some summary thoughts on the above ! and then arrange a meeting.

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