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Policy for data, computer, and account access

  • Everyone with initial should get access to gw(gateway) account, lab dropbox, and shared folder ( minutes, scratch2, etc
  • Each person has to apply for Yale HPC separately. Mentors to inform Mihali about their mentee applying for HPC accounts.
  • Access to AWS is available based on request. Please discuss with Mihali for getting access to AWS.
  • Access to WordPress, www, papers site, faq might be needed by a subset of lab members. Please consult Mihali to access these miscellaneous account
  • Any special circumstances leading to exceptions to above, should write directly to MG. MG will approve using access0mg tag.
  • All summer interns (w/o yale credentials) should not have access to all yale computers, the dropbox and miscellaneous accounts such as faq, wordpress etc.
  • Summer interns (w/o yale credentials) can have access to AWS machines. Mentors please get approval from Mark and consult with Mihali
  • For usage of Private data please consult the private data page (link here)
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