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The main contact information for Mark Gerstein is on . Additional information is on the page, as it is easier to edit .

  • Confidential information

My email goes into a variety of fairly public servers (e.g. gmail). Consequently, I do not like sending personal information (such as important computer passwords and credit card or social security numbers) over unencrypted email. I also do like sending scanned versions of my signature. If you want this information, you can get it via contacting my assistant. She can either tell it to you over the phone or fax it or mail it to you. You might want to refrain from sending me information like this to me over email.

  • No Web forms!

In general, please try to avoid subscribing my main addresses on to any type of web form. I am quite serious about this! It will really annoy me if you do this! I am taking this step basically to try to alleviate the amazing amount of e-mail congestion I suffer. Use my assistant address or the address below instead.

  • mbgmbg (at)

If you want to send any kind of BULK message to me, please use these addresses. In particular, use these if you are going to subscribe me to a web form or mailing list. Do not send confidential information to this address.

  • Read CC and list messages more slowly

I read messages sent to me via lists and via CC (or BCC) much more slowly than those directly to one of my two canonical email addresses.

  • If we have a meeting at the medical school, it may be at the bioinformatics resource: (SHM #IE53 and #IE54) .

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