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The main contact information for Mark Gerstein is at

(More information is on this page, as it is easier to edit .)


More Info on Email

More Info on My Normal Email

  • Philosophy

Found this quote on the web and thought it useful here: "Electronic Mail is not secure, may not be read every day, and should not be used for urgent or sensitive issues."

  • Confidential information

My email goes into a variety of fairly public servers (e.g. gmail). Consequently, I do not like sending personal information (such as important computer passwords and credit card or social security numbers) over unencrypted email. I also do like sending scanned versions of my signature. If you want this information, you can get it via contacting my assistant. She can either tell it to you over the phone or fax it or mail it to you. You might want to refrain from sending me information like this to me over email.

  • No Web forms

In general, please try to avoid subscribing my main addresses on to any type of web form - eg for a journal subscription or a rec. letter. I am quite serious about this! It will really annoy me if you do this! I am taking this step basically to try to alleviate the amazing amount of e-mail congestion I suffer. Use my assistant address or the address below instead.

  • emails to avoid

Do not use mark ((at)), mbg ((at)), or mbg ((at)) (which are all defunct). Mark.Gerstein ((at)) works but has issues with spam filters so I'd avoid it.

  • Slow. Read CC and list messages even more slowly

I read messages sent to me via lists and via CC (or BCC) much more slowly than those directly to one of my two canonical email addresses. Unfortunately, it is rather common for me to get overwhelmed with professional emails. I know I am sometimes slow in responding, so if you want to reach me quickly, try to use the pleasepagemark route. In relation to my slowness, you might also want to reflect on an email auto-response I was considering using.

Don't Use Skype, Linkedin, Twitter in Preference to Email

Do not try to "email me" through linkedin, twitter direct message, Skype chat, etc. Best to send a traditional email. You are, of course, welcome to follow me on Twitter or link to me on LinkedIn but I don't check direct messages that often. Likewise, if we schedule a "phone chat" over skype, I may use the chat feature during the call, but please don't try to contact me using this afterwards. Use email.

More Info on the PleasePageMark Email

Email to the pleasepagemark address is fast but not instantaneous. Also, for the message to work, you need to have both the right to address (i.e. pleasepagemark) and correct subject line. If you just put blue in the subject and send to my normal email address, nothing happens. Likewise, if you just send to pleasepagemark without the right subject. The idea is here is to make sending these messages harder, to cut down on spam and abuse.

More Info on Phone and Fax

If I give you my cell number (currently ending in x508), you can text to it in emergencies.

i have many other phone numbers cell and otherwise (eg xxx-xxx-x230 and xxx-xxx-x836). I may call from them but best not to use them to initiate calls or texts.

More Info on Paper Mail and Physical Location

  • If we have a meeting at the medical school, it may be at 300 George.
  • Address for FEDEX
Mark Gerstein
Bass 432A, MBB, Yale U.
266 Whitney Ave. 
New Haven, CT 06511
  • If you are trying to meet me in Bass, I often maybe in Bass 424. Feel free to knock.
  • You sometimes need authorization to get in the building after 6 PM. If so, arrange to call me, so I can come down to meet you.
  • Also, please make sure you announce yourself at my office. In particular, if you're waiting outside Bass 432, knock on the inner office (Bass 432A). Don't just sit on sofa outside in the corridor. Check in Bass 434, right next door, we might be in a meeting
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