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The individuals below have responsibilities for maintaining different parts of the lab calendar. These should *also* try to turn up on their call.

Editors and Calls
Name Call/mtg Call/mtg Call/mtg
AA modencode quarterly report deadlines modEncode GT
ZL modEncode TR
JR special events encode Elements
RR modEncode AWG monthly modENCODE Consortium
RKA encode-Chip
KY encode Large-scale
CC encode AWG
LH oligo call
JCW Brainseq (GO group #3)
MW Happy-Hr encode-chip quarterly report deadlines
MF gpmtg JC
XJM 1000 genomes Analysis Snyder Lab CNV mtg.
AAN encode: Variation
EK 1000SV
SB encode-pgene encode-annotation gencode quarterly report deadlines
SB(2) 1000 genomes PopGen
ASB Rubin-Gerstein Seq. Call
AN Yale holidays Rotation Dates Misc. stuff
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