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Note: our trial period for zoomrooms has finished. I am contacting Yale ITS to subscribe Yale Volume license. It may not work during early August, 2019.



  • buying one-year subscription from Yale ITS.

Here is an instruction for you to try.


  • join meeting and presentation
  • Room (BASS434) reservation. You don’t need to have a setup a zoom meeting to reserve the room, just add a calendar
  • Voice control of start and end the meeting and more.
  • screen Sharing through airplay, a zoom desktop client or webcam, following the instructions on the iPad controller. 1) share from any laptop using a link: share.zoom.us or 2) use airplay to mirror the screen
  • list all 434 available meetings (viewer). Now only through the iPad controller in BASS434, a dedicated iPad viewer may be installed after discussion with Mark.
  • Voice control of TV: can start/end zoom meeting (not available now, waiting for delivery).


  • Add ‘BASS-4-434-BASS434 (30)’ calendar to your google calendar list. You will receive a email from alexa@partslist.org to add this calendar later
  • You can schedule a meeting or book a reservation on this calendar. Also you can copy all the consortium meeting to ‘BASS-4-434-BASS434 (30)’ or any meeting you would like to have in Bass 434. Though you can schedule a meeting with overlap *with a exist meeting, this is want to give flexibility for meeting management from different consortium. If you want to book 434, please try not to overlap with other’s meeting. We can form some rules for room reservation.
  • To schedule your own meeting using zoom, firstly, you need to use your yale id to login zoom by SSO mode, you will get zoom meeting id, don’t tick “require the passcode” option, or you need to input the passcode using iPad zoom controller
  • Install zoom scheduler for chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/zoom-scheduler/kgjfgplpablkjnlkjmjdecgdpfankdle?hl=en-US
  • Login use your zoom account, configure the scheduler plugin
  • you can make a zoom meeting using google calendar, remember select ‘BASS-4-434-BASS434(30)’ as the target calendar.

Notes: an alternative way is to add a contact to your google contacts,e.g.: the name is: ‘bass 434 zoom’, email use: partslist.org_3239333139353035313133@resource.calendar.google.com

Every time you schedule a new meeting, just add an invite ‘bass 434 zoom’ or  partslist.org_3239333139353035313133@resource.calendar.google.com, similarly, add your zoom id information to the description( don't need to add zoom information if you just want to book 434). Please use some format for the title of event like: “Project discussion- SKL- (3)” (3 for three people)
  • once you schedule a meeting you can see it on zoom controller on 434 iPad zoom room app or zoom viewer (not available now, but need discussion with Mark)
  • you can go to 434 to ask ‘Alexa, start meeting’, it will start the meeting after some confirmation. Please try to not overlap with other meetings. Say “leave the meeting or stop the meeting”, Alexa will stop the meeting.


  • The zoom room controller (iPad pro) can suddenly disconnect when having a meeting due to some system glitches. But the meeting you are joining have no effect, just the controller app cannot be used for a while. It usually last for a few minutes and then re-connect to the system automatically. I am contacting Zoom for it.
  • If the meeting starts but no sound from Alexa, mostly it because the connection between Alexa and zoom room is broken. You just say: ‘Alexa, pair with Zoom’s Mac mini’ then it will connect to Mac mini.
  • If you want to use the big TV (now not support two tv combined mode and the smaller TV), please change the input of the TV to ‘HDMI2’ from the button on the left side of the TV

Contact SKL for questions and trouble-shooting.

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