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The instructions in this page is DEPRECATED

The correct address to use is pi at gersteinlab.org

  • xxmg@gersteinlab.org address for paper correspondence.
    • Try to use xxmg@gersteinlab.org, where xx is your lab initials . For instance, hymg (at) gersteinlab.org, would be the corresponding address for Haiyuan Yu. This address should be set to fork to xx and MG and used for all correspondence. This should be the corresponding author address and should be signed as MG -- i.e. "Mark Gerstein" <xxmg@gersteinlab.org>. The idea behind this is to list MG as the corresponding author but allow the lab member to receive all correspondence and respond to this as MG.
    • Make sure you sign all of these emails as Mark Gerstein (not as yourself!).
    • The xxmg@gersteinlab.org email address should be changed to Mark.Gerstein at Yale.edu (see http://contact.gerstein.info) at the very end at the proof stage.
    • Note that you can trivially change gmail, Yahoo mail or firefox to allow you to email from xxmg@gersteinlab.org . (For gmail, make sure you go through Yale servers and authenticate properly so you don't have a different sender.)
    • When you send something from this address BCC or CC back to xxmg@gersteinlab.org. Do not CC it to your or Mark's normal email address as this only confuses things.
    • The lab manager (currently MF) will configure these addresses on demand.
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