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The lab linkstream allows lab members to post useful links and information to a public Wordpress blog, which enables searching over the posted content, as well as categorization with tags.

Public meaning be mindful of what you will carve into stone on the Internet for all time…


The main site is located at, which is hosted on

A fully mirrored copy exists at, which is hosted on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) instance containing a standalone Wordpress installation derived from

Posting links

To post content, email the text of your post to

The subject of your email becomes the title of your post, and the message body becomes the text of your post.

Tags are placed in square brackets like so: [tags example_tag_1,example_tag_2,…]

Example post by email

Subject: 12th generation sequencing is here!

Body: http://the-awesome-website-of-12th-generation-sequencing/

[tags dna_seq,ngs,history_of_awesome]

Tag collections contains two special pages that collect the tags of all posted content, and organizes them in alphabetical order, and in frequency order.

Linkstream 1 - All Tags - Alphabetical Sort

Linkstream 1 - All Tags - Frequency Sort

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