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Overview (Gerstein Lab Calendars and Listings of General Yale Bioinformatics Events)

To access more detailed information through embedded calendars, go to

These two calendars are primarily for scheduling Gerstein Lab meetings, but include a number of special events and seminars that may be of general interest to the bioinformatics community at and around Yale. Gerstein Lab members should consult both calendars. If they are out-of-sync, please study them and related emails carefully and contact Mark and the appropriate calendar maintainers. Other people should just contact Mark for further information.

Calendar #1 (Lab Events Curated by Lab Members)

This calendar is collectively maintained by different people in the Gerstein Lab based on reading email lists and consulting Mark's calendar (below). Consult this for a curated and focused list of next week's events and call times. Information on subscribing to and updating this calendar is here. (HTML & iCal)

Calendar #2 (Lab PI's Calendar)

Consult this for upcoming Yale seminars of interest and long-term scheduling of group meetings and journal clubs (e.g. idays). Sometimes this is more slowly updated than #1. To put events directly into the PIs gcal (not the public one shown here), you need to mail an invite explicit to his lab contact email (ie the mark at gersteinlab address).

(HTML & (iCal)

Description of Types of Events

TALK: Those events marked "TALK" or "PUBLIC-TALK" are open to the public and recommended for those interested in bioinformatics. Make sure you click on the brief description for more details, often including an abstract. In connection with the pilot center in biomedical computing being developed at Yale, we are trying to present all the bioinformatics seminars in New Haven in an integrated fashion. As a first step, we have collected together many relevant seminars on this calendar.
*CBB* Those events marked "*CBB*" or "BCB-EVENT" are particular PUBLIC-TALKs that are strongly recommended to students in the CBB track. All track students should attend these, unless they have previously contacted the track directors about their absence beforehand.
OTHER-TALK: Similar to "TALK" but probably as not as directly relevant to bioinformatics.
(Inf. Sem.) Will be advertised as an MB&B informal seminar.
LAB-ATTEND: All Gerstein group members are expected to attend events marked "LAB-ATTEND" or "ALL-ATTEND", unless they have discussed their absence beforehand. Usually these are group meetings (marked "gpmtg", see below) but sometimes they are particular public talks ("public-talk", see above). Careful attention is given to scheduling about one of these events per week. Mailings associated with these events will be sent to the group mailing list.
gpmtg For group meetings, the speaker in conjunction with Mark's assistant is responsible for reserving a room for events marked Bass424-or-TBA and notifying everyone of where the event will take place. The speaker is also responsible for reserving a laptop and the LCD. (Unless otherwise indicated group meetings are Gerstein-group only affairs.)
jclub: Journal Club sessions cover subjects of general/particular interest to the lab and are optional except for members of the subgroup in parentheses, for whom attendance is compulsory. As for group meeting, the speaker is responsible for the venue and presentation medium.
TENT! Events marked "TENT!" are tentative and may be rescheduled.
SUBGRP Similar to "gpmtg" but applicable only to a subgroup.
OFFICE-HOUR: Denotes an office hour for M Gerstein, when he will be Bass 432, and not in other scheduled meetings. If these directly follow group meetings, the beginning time may be a bit loose, depending on the time the event ends.
P1: This is the short name for the weekly meeting for everyone in the lab. Every lab member should attend and know about this event. (It's been running weekly for the last few years.) Usually the lab manager (i.e. Mihali) sends an email around to everyone with the time of the P1 meeting. It's also listed on the lab calendar.
*Y* Notifications from the Yale College Calendar.

Group meetings and journal clubs are usually in Bass 205, 305, or 405 or in Gibbs 362. Locations for events at Yale Med. School are at .

Calendar Maintainers

The individuals below have responsibilities for maintaining different parts of the lab calendar. These should *also* try to turn up on their call.

- Entex ---------- JR,TG
- Psychencode ---- YX
- HGSV ----------- MJ
- special events - JR
- Gencode -------- PM
- Wormfly -------- JX (gcal)
- sv2anal -------- FN,XK (gcal)
- gsp/cmg -------- AH,BW
- encode4 -------- JZ
- exrna ---------- JR
- ncvarg --------- SKL
- 1000G-SV ------- FN,XK
- pcawg ---------- SK

Links to Other Calendars

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(Private) Student Schedule Calendar: (You will need a share invitation from someone else who has the access in the lab)

Old Calendars

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